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Aprende Inglés en Melbourne

Aprender inglés puede ser una meta a nivel personal o profesional. Cualquiera sea tu motivación, no hay dudas de que tener un buen manejo inglés es una herramienta súper útil para una infinidad de situaciones. Lleva a cabo esta transformadora experiencia en la atrapante ciudad de Melbourne.

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English has become the universal language for communication between people of different languages. That is why today learning English is a very important tool from a personal point of view, whether it is for traveling, having conversations with foreign people or even being able to understand movies, songs, podcasts or books in English. And also from the personal side, since most of the positions that require a certain level of interaction with people with another language require English language skills.

Studying English in an English-speaking country is a great choice because it allows you to practice your English in and out of the classroom. It is an intensive way to learn the language that will accelerate your learning process.

There are different English courses in Australia, which are adjusted to the objectives of each one. The most popular are:

  • General English / Inglés General
  • IELTS/Cambridge Exam Preparation / IELTS/Cambridge Exam Preparation
  • English for Academic Purposes / Inglés con Fines Académicos
Beneficios de esta experiencia
Capital cultural de Australia
Una de las mejores ciudades del mundo para vivir
Mejorar intensivamente tu Inglés

Benefits of the city Characteristics that make the city unique

  • Melbourne has been repeatedly chosen year after year as the best city to live in the world! Find out why by studying in Melbourne and enjoying all it has to offer.
  • Melbourne is known as the “cultural capital” of Australia. A city with a great artistic and sports atmosphere. It is enough to walk through the streets of Melbourne and see the wonderful murals that invade the city to appreciate its artistic component. The artistic movement is so great that street musicians must audition to be able to play in the streets of Melbourne, a good show guaranteed!
  • Melbourne is one of the most famous cities in Australia and the second most populous. It is a vibrant city with endless activities to do in your free time. In addition, you will find many job opportunities.
  • It is known for being the most multicultural city in Australia. You will meet people from all over the world, opening your mind to new cultures and forming new friendships.
  • Although it is not known for its beaches, you will find the suburb of St Kilda just minutes from the center of Melbourne, where you can visit its beach with penguins and its amusement park.

Overcome language barriers by learning the universal language par excellence. Learn English in and out of the classroom, carrying out your learning experience in the city of Melbourne.

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Australia es uno de los destinos académicos más importantes del mundo debido a la calidad de su educación. La seguridad que se respira, su alto nivel de vida, la amabilidad de su gente y su vocación multicultural, se complementan con una arquitectura impresionante y verdaderos tesoros naturales. Además de ser el lugar ideal para realizar tus estudios, Australia ofrece una riqueza en actividades culturales, deportivas y sociales tan abundante, que siempre tendrás algo por explorar.
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Our service won’t cost you a dime. It’s completely FREE. As Qualified Education Agents, we are supported by the whole International Education ecosystem in Australia, from the Universities & Colleges to the AUSTRADE, Embassies and ISEAA.
Can you apply for scholarships?
It depends on what type of institution. From VET & TAFE Colleges to Universities, from Vocational Qualifications to Postgraduate Qualifications, and from Sydney to Perth, there are scholarships & education special Tuition Fees. These, in general, are for academic excellence or social impact and are usually half scholarships.
The TAFE or universities also usually call scholarships to their special prices for certain worldwide regions.
There are also Australian Government Scholarships you can apply to.
What is the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)? Can I contract another type of medical coverage to apply for a Student Visa?
It’s a healthcare insurance service that covers visits to the doctor, some hospital treatment, ambulance, and limited pharmaceuticals for international students.
Under the Department of Home Affairs it is a mandatory requirement that international students are covered by this special type of coverage – OSHC – that guarantees them access to the benefits that any Australian with Medicare has.
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