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Bond University Aid Packages for International Students

To assist those international students within Australia, Bond University has launched 2 financial aid packages.

University study
Gold Coast
From 1 to 4 years old
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Paquetes de Ayuda studiantes internacionales
Paquetes de Ayuda studiantes internacionales
Para ayudar a aquellos estudiantes internacionales dentro de Australia, Bond University ha lanzado 2 paquetes de ayuda financiera.

Programs specifically designed for international students

  • Reduced Deposit: You will be able to make a reduced deposit of AUD5,000 to enroll at Bond University and obtain your Student Visa.
  • Relocation Package: They will receive an aid of 1,000 AUD for relocation expenses and 2,000 AUD discount on their Fees for the 2nd Semester of their studies (provided they have successfully completed the 1st Semester).


  • Generally, one must pay the full amount of the first semester as a deposit in order to enroll at Bond University. A deposit of AUD5,000 is significantly less, allowing students to organize their finances before starting their studies.
  • The Relocation Package rewards students with AUD3,000 in aid to ease the start of their studies at Bond University.
  • Bond University is one of the best Universities in Australia and offers many programs designed specifically for the interests of international students, who make up 46% of its student body. For example, the “Professional Programs” that have a duration of 92 weeks and whose last semester is purely practical; allowing international students to graduate earlier, with professional experience and access to a Post Graduate Visa.
  • Bond University is located in the Gold Coast, a city classified as Regional, which provides many immigration benefits for those looking to stay in Australia long-term or permanently. For example, 1 extra year of Post Graduate visa.

Contact us to learn about all the programs Bond University offers and how to apply to their aid packages. At the moment these packages apply only to those who begin their studies in the first semester of 2022. Don’t waste time and make your consultation today!

Benefits of this Scholarship
Reduced deposit
Bond University is one of the best universities in Australia.
Programs designed for international students

More benefits

  • The Scholarship amount applies annually. In other words, if you obtained the Scholarship for a study of, for example, 2 years of study, you will receive 2 payments of this Scholarship.
  • Studying in a Regional Zone of Australia not only allows you to access this Scholarship, but also provides excellent immigration benefits if your goal is to stay long-term or permanently in the country.

What’s new: as of August 2023, any student application you submit to Bond University for 2024 and beyond will automatically be evaluated for eligibility for one of Bond’s academic merit scholarships. This eliminates the requirement to submit a separate scholarship application for each student and ensures that students who meet the requirements and criteria for Bond’s high-performing scholarships will receive their scholarship offer along with the program offer.

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