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There are different types of accommodation to seek for in your personal experience in Australia. Depending on your goals, lifestyle and city, you can tailored the search!

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There are many types of accommodation available for your stay in Australia, but the most important thing is that you choose one that makes you feel at home. That’s why we’re here: to help you find a place to call home!

When it comes to student accommodation in Australia, there are four main options:

  • Private Rental
  • Student Residence
  • Homestay
  • BackPacker

Each has its own benefits, so you can find the one that meets your particular needs.

Private Rental

It is one of the most popular accommodation options in Australia. If you are looking for total independence and the freedom to come and go, staying in a rented apartment is an excellent option. It also allows you to live in the part of town where you want to be, either near the University-College or because you can see the ocean from your bedroom window. You can also decide to stay in the outskirts of the city, living in the countryside, hills and mountains, or even in a forest area and close to National Parks in Australia – of which there are many!

In most cities, finding a private apartment or a room in a shared apartment is relatively easy. Australia is a very dynamic country where people from all over the world come to study or work on a temporary basis. As a result, renting an apartment or room for a few months should not be difficult. Always, some hints and tips improve this task. Here we go!

Find your own Private Rental:

If you are looking to rent an apartment/house just for yourself or with a group of friends, here are the best options to do so:

We recommend avoiding unregulated private rental options that are not arranged through a real estate agent. Leasing in this way gives you the peace of mind and guarantee that you are getting a quality service where you will also have your rights protected. On the other hand, keep in mind that when renting a property through a real estate agency you will have to sign a binding rental contract, see the conditions of the contract (i.e. in case of early cancellation of the contract you will probably have to pay a penalty). You will also be asked for a “bond” or “security deposit” in the initial payment of the accommodation, which will be returned to you at the end of your contract under certain conditions established in the contract. You will probably have to register the services once you enter the accommodation (e.g. electricity, gas, water, wifi, TV, etc.) and you will have to cancel them once you leave the property. You will have to take all these steps into account in order to carry them out on your own or, for example, there are companies such as Connectnow that help you centralize and manage the services through them.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a room in an established shared house, you should consider the following options:

It is essential to avoid private rental guesthouses that are set up like a hostel that house 2 to 5 international students in each room. This is illegal in Australia and students are often taken advantage of by overcharging and providing poor housing services.

Beneficios de vivir en un Alquiler Privado
Own property management and full independance
Share accommodation with other flatmates that are pursuing the same experience as you and share common likes
Access to different budget options

The rate varies according to the apartment. You should estimate a weekly expense of between Aus$ 100 and Aus$ 500, excluding utilities and food. The further away from the city, the cheaper the rents will be. If money is a barrier, you should consider moving a little further away to an area with adequate public transportation access to your college.

Student Residence

The best thing about living in a Student Residence is that you will be surrounded by students like you from all over the world, and you will always have a plan available with a great group of peers willing to join you.

The apartments are usually housing specially designed for students and in the same area there are usually several apartments that house approximately 100 to 400 students. This allows you to generate a nucleus/center of students like you with whom you can share different activities and form a common bond.

Single or double rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom, apartments shared with four or five other students, or your own one-bedroom apartment are all possible options you will find for Student Residences.

Some of the many things that most student managed apartments have to offer you:

  • All utilities, including Internet.
  • Bedroom furnished with bed, mattress, closet, study table and chair.
  • Kitchen and bathroom with appliances.
  • Common laundry facilities.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Support and security personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Events and activities for social and academic purposes.
  • Areas of study.
  • Recreation areas: TV rooms, games, movies, outdoor areas, barbecues, gyms, table tennis, etc.
Beneficios de vivir en una Residencia Estudiantil
It is practical since everything is already set-up!
Great feeling of student’s community!
Intercultural exchange with other flatmates

This type of accommodation is usually quite expensive. Rates will vary according to the apartment. You should estimate a weekly expense of between Aus$ 200 and Aus$ 500, this generally includes utilities such as water, gas, electricity and Internet.
From ACE Australia we can help you to get a place in these Student Residences. This type of housing is under the coordination of the educational institution itself within its campuses or academic residences. To apply, this must be indicated in the institution’s Application Form when you are already in the Enrolment Process. For all this, the ACE Australia Team will be there to help you with everything you need!


If you are over 18 and want to learn English quickly and fully immerse yourself in the local culture, living with an Australian family is an excellent alternative. The positions of Homestays allow you to stay for free in exchange for taking care of the children in the house for a few hours, in addition to receiving a payment to cover your expenses. These types of Homestay experiences are very unique to Australia and generally may not be very common in the rest of the world. For these Homestay experiences we can tell you that the agreement between the student and the host family can be diverse and varied. There can be different scenarios, for example: it is agreed that the Australian family allows and offers the student accommodation in exchange for walking and taking care of the pets, gardening, housekeeping, cleaning, childcare, among others. In some cases, the family does not pay money to the student since the agreement is to provide accommodation, which in other scenarios may be included with some meals. Indeed, there may be other cases where the Australian family does pay money to the student. All of this will depend on the type of interim agreement you make with the Australian family. Besides of course respecting the rules and conditions of the home, since you will be sharing your days with a local family and as in every family home there are certain rules to comply with and this makes the respect and multicultural exchange.

A not minor issue with homestays is that they are usually not very central, and may be a bit far from the university, but it’s all a matter of evaluating it and deciding what is most important to you. It is also worth mentioning that in these agreements between the student and the Australian family, transportation can be arranged. Many times families have bicycles used by their children or they may have some extra bicycles that they can lend to help with the student’s mobility. At other times, it is likely that transfers to the academic institution can be coordinated along with other transfers that the family may need to make. Again, all of this will depend on how they are organized and agreed upon. Always with a good relationship and communication, everything can be possible and in turn benefit both parties.

Some of the things Homestay has to offer you are:

  • A furnished room
  • Meals as provided by the Homestay package of your choice
  • Welcome and orientation
  • Cultural exchange with your host family
Beneficios de Homestay
It’s really comfortable since the propery is already functioning
Rooms are already furnished and liveable from the very beginning
Share time with a local Australian family and learn their culture
Improve your english proficiency
No need to have long-term rent contract or pre-rent bonds
Price for rent are really accessible

The cost varies according to the choice of Homestay that is right for you. Because of the additional services Homestay provides, it is considered an excellent value for the first four weeks a student spends in a new country. Depending on the meals you desire, you can choose from a variety of Homestay packages at different price points. Depending on the type of room, meals and utilities, you should expect to spend between $250 and $350 per week . Some educational institutions have their own Homestay agreements with other partners or families. This could be coordinated with the educational institution itself and also the ACE Australia Team will be able to help you. Then, it can be organized privately, i.e. between one person and another (student and Australian family), known as “Home Sitting” or “Pet Sitting“. You can find more information and get in touch with this community by clicking on the following link. There is another similar option in Australia with the difference that the experience takes place in farms and fields. Some locations are close to cities. The platform where you can find more information is called WWOOF.


The word BackPacker is a very Australian way of referring to the well-known hostels. Who has never stayed in one before? For your first days or weeks in Australia, hostels can be a great accommodation option. This type of accommodation usually hosts not only international students but also many international travelers or backpackers, who are known as Backpackers. Generally, this type of accommodation is not so common among international students because sometimes the common spaces are very noisy or it is difficult to concentrate in order to study. Likewise, there are hostels that strike a great balance between people who need peace and quiet and others who seek dispersion. Hostels are generally inexpensive options since the rooms are shared, as are the bathrooms and kitchens along with other spaces. There may also be private room options within hostels at a higher price. The hostels are a great opportunity to meet new people, exchange cultural aspects, get more information and contacts, and help your first adjustment in Australia to be as quick as possible.

Within what the hostels have to offer we highlight some important points:

  • All utilities, including Internet
  • Meet people from all over the world who have chosen Australia as their destination.
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Common recreation areas
  • Excellent location
  • Social events
Beneficios de los Hostels
Everything is set-up for you moving in!
No need for long-term rent agreement or pre-rent bond!
Intercultural exchange with other hosters

Recommended websites:

This type of accommodation is usually the best option for your first days in Australia. Rates will vary according to the location of the hostel, the number of beds in the room, whether it is high season or not, among others. You should expect to spend between Aus$ 150 and Aus$ 450 per week, excluding meals, which are not usually included in the accommodation package.

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