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Muchos estudiantes internacionales prefieren Adelaide porque ofrece todas las comodidades de una gran ciudad, sin el bullicio y altos costos de una gran capital. Adelaide puede ofrecer un costo de vida un 20% menor, en comparación con ciudades como Sydney o Melbourne. Sin embargo es hogar de instituciones educativas de gran reputación y calidad, incluyendo universidades, colleges privados y escuelas de culinaria y hospitality.

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Balance between a quiet life and a vibrant city.

Public transport in Adelaide is efficient and sufficient. Even some routes are free, especially in the city center, which is very convenient for students. In addition, it is a place that promotes the use of bicycles by offering these vehicles free of charge, promoted as a clean and healthy means of transport.

Adelaide city center is home to most of the arts and cultural venues, many of which are free. We find The Adelaide Botanical Gardens, The Art Gallery of South Australia, The South Australian Museum, The Adelaide Festival Center and of course the Zoo, ideal for a break in studies and fill up on culture.

Newcomers to Adelaide will find that any point in the city can be reached in no more than 20 minutes. Students coming from big cities will find this a pleasant surprise. However, in some areas public transport is limited, so many prefer to invest in a car.

In this order of ideas, it is very convenient to live in Medindie, Walkerville and Prospect, suburbs close to the center of the city and to most of the private schools. Well served by public transportation, in Medindie and Walkerville you can find lodging options from very luxurious to very convenient apartments or houses. Prospects for its part offers all these advantages, but can offer cheaper prices.

But Adelaide offers more options. Brompton, on the other hand, is a bohemian-looking suburb to the north of the city, very popular with artists and young people. It is also very close to the city center and with enough transportation options.

To the south of the city we find Springfield and Netherby, suburbs surrounded by parks and nature, a little further from the city center but with good transport services. Very popular among families due to the number of schools that have arrived there due to the beauty and landscapes of the place.

Glenelg and Brighton are two western suburbs and are a good example of the seaside lifestyle. It is an area that attracts people of different ages alike and has excellent public transportation. Accommodation and accommodation is in high demand and this is reflected in the costs of living here.

Golden Grove is a modern suburb with mostly new construction. It is a newly settled area, somewhat removed from the center of Adelaide and with little public transport. However, it has attracted many families and students due to its low cost and large green areas.

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Enjoy South Australia in your spare time

The land and climate of South Australia make it ideal for the production of excellent quality wines, a characteristic that has been inserted in Adelaide to give way to a love for wines, gastronomy, restaurants and bars, in the midst of a bohemian atmosphere. and culture. Adelaide offers balance, it is a calm and relaxed city, but at the same time it is vibrant and active, full of festivals and social and cultural events throughout the year that will keep you entertained.

As well as the myriad of activities you can do in Adelaide, you can take advantage of many other activities outside the city and within easy reach.

Wine tasting

South Australia is known for its wine industry. In addition to tasting them, you can enjoy the vineyards where they are produced, which are a tourist attraction, for the landscapes, the wine tastings and of course the restaurants that many of them offer. So you can spend the day visiting regions such as Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale and Clare Valley.

Kangaroo Island

You can take a ferry and visit Kangaroo Island and its parks and nature reserves, where you can meet species such as sea lions, koalas or penguin colonies, there is so much to do there that it deserves a separate article.

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