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Sydney is located on the southeastern coast of Australia and is the capital of New South Wales. It is considered among the 10 best cities in the world to live in regarding its quality of life and also one of the most beautiful.

Why Australia?
Australia is one of the most important academic destinations in the world due to the quality of its education. The security, the high standard of living, the friendliness of its people and its multicultural vocation, are complemented by an impressive architecture and real natural treasures. In addition to being the ideal place to study, Australia offers such a wealth of cultural, sporting and social activities that you will always have something to explore.
Diversity and quality
Australia’s cities are fascinating. You can listen to all languages while walking on the street in addition to English. Experiencing, knowing and being involved in this cultural diversity is one of the most wonderful learning experiences.
Safe and stable
Australia is one of the safest countries in the world, its economy is stable so its social level is high and with low crime rates. It has a democracy that allows for solid political stability. It is a safe country to live, study, work and invest.
Cost of living
The cost of living in Australia corresponds of course to that of a first world country. However, not as high as other countries of its level such as the United Kingdom, USA or Canada. The opportunity to work on a student visa allows access to salaries with a high purchasing power, which allows financing part of the expenses.
Degrees obtained in Australia are prestigious and internationally recognized. Especially when students are looking to enter the working world, as well as being welcomed by prestigious universities around the world, if they are looking to continue with further studies.
Unique geography and landscapes
Australia offers all types of landscapes and climates, from the scorching desert to snow-capped mountains, the most beautiful beaches in the world and tropical rainforests with amazing wildlife and vegetation. In Australia there is always an ideal setting for any outdoor sport you can think of.
High salaries
It has one of the largest economies in the world and the purchasing power of its currency is very high. All jobs in this country, no matter how simple, offer enough pay to amply cover all your basic needs. According to your level of education and English, you can move up and reach a really comfortable standard of living.
High quality of life
The Federal and local governments in Australia provide world-class infrastructure and public services to their citizens. It is no coincidence that 4 of its cities are among the best cities to live in the world ranking in 2021. International students have access to high quality infrastructure, services and accommodation.
Post study work visa
For people who have studied at least 2 years in Australia will have the opportunity to apply for a Graduate Work stream or Post-Study Work stream visas, which will allow them to stay in Australia for two, three or four more years, depending on the highest degree or qualification they have obtained. This gives graduates the opportunity to gain work experience in their professional field.
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How much do ACE Australia’s services cost?
Our services will cost you nothing. They are absolutely FREE for international students. As Qualified Educational Agents, we are supported by AUstralia’s International Studies ecosystem, from Universities and Colleges to Austrade, Embassies and ISEAA.
Can I apply for scholarships?
Depends on the type of institution. From VET and TAFE College institutions to Universities, from vocational to postgraduate academic programs, and from Sydney to Perth, there are exclusive scholarships and promotions. These, in general, are for academic excellence or social impact. They are usually scholarships for half of the costs.
Institutions such as TAFEs and Universities also offer scholarships and special prices depending on where each student comes from. There are also Australian government scholarships you can apply for.
What are the requirements to enter Australia?
An appropriate visa is required. Depending on the visa, different requirements must be met in order to obtain them.
What is Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)? Can I purchase another type of medical coverage to apply for a Student Visa?
OSHC is a health insurance that covers doctor visits, hospital treatment and a certain proportion of pharmaceutical items for international students. According to the Department of Home Affairs regulations, it is a mandatory requirement for international students to be covered by this special type of coverage which guarantees them access to the health system in the same way as any Australian.
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