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Sydney te da la bienvenida! La ciudad cuenta con doradas playas, muchas de ellas urbanas, una gran cantidad de parques y zonas verdes, mercados, museos y monumentos. De otro lado cuenta con una moderna arquitectura representada en su centro financiero (CBD), lleno de rascacielos rodeados de cafés, restaurantes, locales comerciales y hoteles. Ah! Por supuesto, puedes ir a estudiar o trabajar.

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A multicultural city with a great sense of community

Sydney is the most multicultural city in Australia and one of the most cosmopolitan in the world, due to the mosaic of cultures, customs, languages and religions that converge in this city throughout 200 years of history.

Many young people prefer to live in the city center or CBD due to the number of cultural and social events available, the presence of educational institutions and the wide range of services. However this sector can have a high cost compared to other areas of Sydney.

Fortunately, the city offers a large number of beautiful suburbs, with affordable prices, quiet and very safe for students. It is the example of areas such as the west or south of the city with all the infrastructure, transportation and amenities to live, work and enjoy leisure time.

Suburbs like Manly and the Northern Beaches, Little Bay, Parramatta or San Souci are good examples, minutes from the city center and a great sense of community, relaxed atmosphere and even beaches to enjoy. Sydney will always have a suitable place for your needs, tastes and budgets.

Many prefer the East of the city and the famous Bondi Beach. With its famous beaches, it is one of the favorite places for visitors and tourists due to the beauty of its architecture, its people and the sports environment. It is of course known as one of the most expensive places in Australia to live, although student accommodation can be found for all budgets.

Beneficios de esta ciudad
Top ranking universities
World-class lifestyle
Safe and multicultural environment

You will have enough time to go out and enjoy!

In Sydney the summers are hot, sometimes cloudy and with short winters. Throughout the year temperatures vary from 8°C to 26°C. Very rarely do they drop below 5°C or exceed 32°C, being the period between November and the first days of April the ideal season for outdoor activities.

we have suggestions

We invite you to enjoy this beautiful region to the fullest. You have many fascinating places to make the most of your experience. We give you some suggestions.

Bondi Beach

World-renowned, Bondi Beach is the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts and all types of visitors who love to spend a day at the beach, surrounded by white sand, sun and sea. Thanks to the landscape, cafes, bars and restaurants for all budgets it is an unavoidable place when you visit Sydney.

Blue Mountains

Just 2 hours by train from Sydney we find The Blue Mountains, a mountain formation that according to scientists is 340 million years old. It is the scene of a large number of pedestrian paths, cable cars and viewpoints from where you can enjoy rock formations, and more than a million hectares of forests, predominantly eucalyptus, caves with underground rivers, feel the tradition and culture of the Australian aborigines, present in this natural monument, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia

During the snow season, which runs from June to October, the alpine region of Australia becomes the perfect setting for snowboarding and skiing with all the infrastructure and amenities for lovers of winter sports.

We found plenty of transportation, lifts, hotels and resorts, cafes and restaurants, and if you don’t have the necessary gear, you’ll have plenty of places to rent snowboards, skis, and snow gear. During the snow season, tours departing from Sydney are common, offering all the comforts for tourists and visitors.

Jervis Bay

If you are a lover of the beach and the sun, but prefer to get away from the city and get in touch with nature, we recommend you visit Jervis Bay, a natural paradise located on the south coast of New South Wales, frequented by dolphins, whales, seals and penguins, and countless forests, paths and beaches with the whitest sand in the world.

Jervis Bay is home to Booderee National Park and Jervis Bay Marine Park with its wildlife sanctuaries. Maybe you want to enjoy the comforts, no problem, the sector has enough hotels, caravan parks and camping areas.

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Sydney is located on the southeastern coast of Australia and is the capital of New South Wales. It is considered among the 10 best cities in the world to live in regarding its quality of life and also one of the most beautiful.