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What you are about to read will put you 100 steps ahead. It will change the way you plan to approach this Experience. We share with you the secrets of the industry and accompany you in everything.

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You are looking to do things right. You are looking not to lose money and not to make mistakes. You are looking to make this experience the best it can be and maximize your chances of success.

We know this because we have been where you are now and we have walked that path. We know because we help hundreds of people *almost* like you, but not quite. Because each experience is unique, and our experience and support will help you to make yours the best possible.

In the last 8 years we have helped hundreds of people to fulfill their dreams and make better decisions. All free of charge. We want to help everyone, but we have limited capacity.

That’s why we decided to consolidate key information, tips and guidance into a handbook that everyone can download and access this value.

We want everyone’s experience in Australia to be the best experience of their life, regardless of whether they choose ACE Australia to accompany them for free throughout this process.

What you will find in the handbook
This is just a summary of what we are going to share with you
Understand what the AQF is and its implications in order to decide in which level to start your studies and not waste time and money.
Discover what a CoE is and how they can be manipulated to fit your plans and not the other way around.
Understand the variables that affect your visa extension to make them work in your favor.
GTE: What it is and why it is crucial for your visa not to be rejected.
Couples Experience: Benefits, costs and considerations for effective planning as a couple
Understand what an OSHC is, how it differs from other health coverage and what impact it has on your visa extension.
The best cost-benefit strategy to maximize the return on your investment through the Temporary Graduate Visa.
Advantages and considerations when applying Onshore and about the different regions and cities in Australia
How to meet the requirement to demonstrate sufficient funds to the Department of Home Affairs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the handbook really free?
Yes, the material we are going to share with you is for your exclusive use and free of charge.
Why am I not going to be charged for all this value you are going to give me?
Because we were in your shoes and we believe that the value we generate, by sharing it and giving access to more people, multiplies hundreds of times the impact we have on the community. Today we provide this material free of charge and are not seeking to translate this value into financial gain at this time.
Can I replicate and share this material?
Technically (and legally) no. But you can share access to this address and whoever you want can access their own exclusive and free copy. All the information compiled in this document is publicly available and can also be accessed through our official source, the Homo Affairs Department.
How do I benefit financially from accessing this material?
It's hard to put a number on it because every experience is different, but on average our students save between $5,000 and $25,000 through avoiding making bad decisions and understanding how the whole process works so they know what to do and what not to do.