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How to extend your stay in Australia studying Project Management

Project Management is one of the most chosen careers by students since it has a wide job opportunity

How to extend your stay in Australia studying Project Management

If your travel idea is long-term, we tell you how you can do to study Project Management in Australia and live this great experience for several years.

Nowadays, Project Management is one of the most chosen careers by students since it has a wide job opportunity in different fields such as marketing, advertising, human resources, architecture, computer science and engineering, among many others. When it comes to planning and carrying out projects, studying Project Management will add new skills that you can put into practice in your day-to-day work.
Many students have chosen Australia as a destination to study , due to its high educational level and its prestigious world-renowned institutions . Living this experience in a country that offers great quality of life and stability, they are keen to continue developing their profession here and work in Australia. This is possible and we inform you how to do it.


To begin with, you have to know that there are many options available for you to choose from.
On the one hand, you can study vocational courses that generally last between 6 months to 2 years. These will give you a lot of experience since they are courses with professional practices. Different levels of certification are available such as Certificate IV in Project Management, Diploma of Project Management and Advanced Diploma of Program Management.
For more information about courses, we invite you to read our note on 10 Reasons why you want to study a VET course
On the other hand, if your interest is to grow in your professional career by specializing in this field, the Master in Project Management is a great opportunity for you. In 2 years you will acquire great tools and knowledge to generate effective projects.
If you want to know more, we recommend that you visit our website and find out about Masters in Australia.


Now you will be asking yourself that question and we inform you that at study a complete degree or postgraduate program , you will be able to access the graduate visa , which It will allow you to stay working full time for 2 to 4 years once you finish your studies. These visas can also include your partner, who will also be able to work full time while you complete your master’s degree.
To have more information about the available visas you can read on our website: Visas to work


In Australia you have many cities where you can study Project Management, so you can choose your ideal place and combine it with the career of your dreams. Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Byron Bay and more cities have study programs available in relation to this profession. You choose a career, you choose a destination and an institution and you grow professionally. What better than that?
See all the destinations available to study and work on our website.
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