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Take an IT Master in Australia and extend your stay for two years

Information Technology careers are booming due to their vision and future application

Take an IT Master in Australia and extend your stay for two years

Focusing on your professional future within Australia is a great opportunity for you. You will be able to incorporate knowledge and tools, within the best universities in the world , specializing in what you like the most.

Careers within the Information Technology field are booming due to their vision and future application by being connected with data and technology in the day-to-day study and work.
Currently in Australia, many students want to continue developing professionally after studying in this country. This experience is unique and you cannot miss it. We tell you how you can extend your stay in Australia.


Within the different master’s degrees that you have to take, you will find various study options throughout the country in different cities such as Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. We show you the Masters of Information Technology that you have available for you:

  • Master of Business Information Systems
  • Master of Software Engineering (Artificial Intelligence Advanced)
  • Master of Software Engineering (Cloud Computing Advanced)
  • Master of Computing Technology Specialization Networking & System Security
  • Master of Computing Technology Specialization Software & the Web
  • Master of Cyber Security Specialization Business Application
  • Master of Cyber Security Specialization Governance Risk & Compliance
  • Master of Cyber Security Specialization Technical
  • Master of Data Science
  • Master of Information Systems
  • Master of IT Innovation
  • Master of Science Specialization Applied Data Science
  • Master of Cyber Security
  • Master of Financial Technology
  • Master of Information Systems and Information Technology Management
  • Master of Information Technology


The different master’s degrees may vary according to their institution and program , but they have certain characteristics at the country level that you should know.
Institutions offer to do it in person , at their different campuses or online . Their duration may vary according to the modality chosen.
Generally, the duration of these programs are approximately 1.5 to 2 years . In other words, in a short time you will be an expert in what you are passionate about.
Entry requirements may vary from one institution to another, but there are usually some related to the level of training, professional experience and the level of the English language.
A very positive aspect that you can find in Australian institutions are the practical experiences within the masters and the internships within the industry that you specialize in. You will not only incorporate intellectual knowledge, but also practical.
For more information you can visit our website: University and Masters


To achieve stay working in the country for 2 to 4 yearsyou will need to access the graduate visa which you will be able to at the end of your undergraduate or graduate studies for academic programs lasting more than 92 weeks.If you are in a couple and plan to share this experience with your partner, please note that your partner will be able to work full time while you complete your master’s degree.
For more information about the available visas you can read on our website: Visas to work
We can accompany you from the planning to the realization of the trip, advising you in a personalized way to be able to put together a unique plan for you. Contact us!

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