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Qantas: international flights and their reservations reopen from July

The airline has reopened reservations for international flights from July 2021.

Qantas: international flights and their reservations reopen from July

We bring good news to our community to start the year. Qantas, the Australian airline, has reopened bookings for international flights from July 2021.

Several months passed since the airline did their regular international flights. In recent months, Qantas had few flights for repatriation to Australia, but the rest of them were suspended due to Covid-19. The great news is that the reserves for international flights will reopen from midyear.
The international flights resumption will be conditioned by the Australian Government decisions , the starting date of vaccination and the reopening of the frontier , but bookings and sales operations will be a decision each airline will make.
The Australian Government remarked on several opportunities that the frontier will be closed until it is really safe for people in Australia

Several months have passed since Qantas has been without international flights. The few flights they have made in recent months have been for repatriation, but the rest have been suspended due to Covid-19. The great news, which we are happy to announce, is that in the middle of this year they will reopen reservations for foreigners.
The resumption of international flights is subject to government decisions , the start of vaccination against Covid-19 and the reopening of international borders , but reservations and sales operations are decisions of each airline.
The Australian Government has repeatedly stressed that international borders will not open until it is truly safe to do so. They have always cared for and considered the health and safety of society in Australia as a top priority.
To continue with joy and hope, we know that arrangements have been made between Australia and New Zealand, due to low numbers of infections within their communities. A “Travel Bubble” has been generated between both countries, therefore the government continues to take care of its citizens, and at the same time generates important openings for its economy.
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