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Gold Coast

One of the first Internationals to enter Australia! First Person Experiences – Nadia

I fell in love with Queensland, the climate, the landscapes, I met my current partner and living in Australia was always on my mind.

Nadia has managed to overcome several obstacles due to the Pandemic to be able to start her Personal Plan in Australia . Everything comes from months of work to be able to enter Australia in December 2020 – even before the establishment of the reciprocal Travel Bubble between New Zealand and Australia -. Now that she has begun her experience at TAFE Queensland – one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country – we have invited her to tell her First Person Experience .

With a path traveled in New Zealand, Nadia proposed to herself a long-term Personal Plan on the other side of the Tasman Sea, precisely in the Gold Coast, Australia . In fact, that’s what it’s all about, those personal goals , those dreams and goals for which one works and puts so much effort and dedication . This is a story that reflects this, even in times of Pandemic. Argentina, New Zealand, and now Australia. Welcome Nadia to this Experience! With a Certificate & Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care ahead of you, there will be a lot to tell!

Gold Coast

First International to enter Australia

The plan

1. What motivated you to go to study in Australia?

I was on vacation for a few months in Australia and enjoy it very much of everything, I fell in love with Queensland, the weather, the scenery, I met my current partner. and living in Australia for a while was an idea that was always in my head, although I was in New Zealand for a while and loved that country, my goal was to return to Australia and have the experience of living there..

2. Why did you choose to undertake the Early Childhood Education Qualification at TAFE Queensland?

I did some research about the different options I had, I was sure of what I wanted to study but I had not defined where I wanted to study.that part is quite complicated because Australia has an incredibly diverse academic also one of the reasons that motivated me the most to study in the country. I was quite interested in TAFE’s program and methodology and also had recommendations from acquaintances regarding the place. My girlfriend helped me with the choice and of course ACE Australia and especially Nicolas, gave me all the information about the different schools in a very detailed and practical way.

Gold Coast

3. Did the ACE Australia Team get you any Scholarship benefits for your academic plan?

Yes, initially my idea was to study only the Certificate of Early Childhood Education , but my idea for the future was to be able to advance in my career . Although everything was affected a bit by Covid, honestly the delays and rescheduling gave me enough time to change my study plan to something more complete and comprehensive. So I decided to start with a short English course to make me feel more confident for to undertake a more advanced study in another language and add to the Certificate that I had in mind, the Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care. In this sense, ACE also helped me a lot and got me an important discount with TAFE Queensland in the value of the complete study plan , highlighting the seriousness and honesty in all communication and information. Which generates a lot of confidence in customers.

4. In choosing Australia as a destination for this experience, did you consider the possibility offered by the Australian Government to be able to work and study with a Student Visa?

Although it is an important point to be able to gain experience and especially if you come from another culture, I took it into account but it was not a decisive factor. I was already in New Zealand working and in this case I was already familiar with that experience, however I know that for many students who set foot in foreign countries for the first time, especially with another language, it is quite a challenge and it is very valuable to have the opportunity to do so . And in economic terms, it is good to have the opportunity to work here.

5. What key question did you ask yourself to make the decision to undertake this experience?

As I said before, Australia and going back to school but this time in a different country was always on my mind, added to the fact that I needed to make a change and move out of my comfort zone to move forward . Honestly, there weren’t many turns or questions to make the decision, I’m a pretty confident person when it comes to undertaking something that I really want, one feels it and is encouraged. I think that ACE was the best option for me, working with them felt like “there is a team” , and I will always be grateful to have crossed paths with them. As they say, everything happens for a reason.

6. How did you come to us? Through:

  • Australian embassy website
  • You were contacted by a team member
  • A friend recommended you
  • Our social networks (Instagram and Facebook)✅
  • Our website

The execution

7. Have you previously processed visas in Australia? If it was your first time, did you expect the app to be the way it was?

I only processed a tourist visa, and it was quite quick and easy, but it is a completely different situation.

The student visa requires a lot of work and I think it is essential to have a good agent who can resolve doubts and unexpected situations , especially last year and this year (unfortunately we are still stuck with the pandemic). However, despite all the headwinds 😂, I was surprised and I could not believe that my visa was approved in such a short time and I am sure, because I was a witness, that part of the merit was the result of the unstoppable work by Nicolás and his team to do it.

8. If there were any difficulties or challenges in terms of documentation or process to enter Australia, was it easily resolved? How did you feel at that moment?

I believe that at this point there were no inconveniences, or maybe I didn’t notice them because the agency solved them by helping me in such a way that I could move forward and not stagnate the application, so I can assume that it was easily solved. The only thing that delayed my application was the collection of biometric data but it was independent to Australian immigration and I just had to wait for the collection centers in NZ to open, because they were closed due to Covid, I honestly know that if it hadn’t been for that, the application would have been super fast. But all that is foreign and is specifically a product of the troubled year we are experiencing. In this sense, it was extremely valuable. Nicolas’ help and his communication with TAFE (which were very flexible) in terms of the rescheduling of start dates in the studies We had to modify several times in order to accommodate everything and to be able to come directly to Australia when it was time to obtain my visa. Thank you Nicholas!😊

The Result – Student Visa is granted!

9. How did you feel being one of the first International Students from around the world to enter Australia applying for a Visa from abroad?

I really didn’t know it was like this, until recently hahaha, I felt doubly grateful for all the support from ACE. I sincerely felt that I should contribute by supporting their services and motivating those who want to undertake their international student experience in Australia. I am very happy and I feel like a very lucky person to be where I am today.

10. What would be the recommendation you would give to other students who want to participate in this type of experience?

I think that whoever feels the tickle that moves you to undertake this experience, my recommendation is to get informed and not be left with doubts or with the desire. In the end it is worth it and it is not a risk if you find the right help when undertaking the process. I have friends who at the time of processing their student visa had a completely different and even opposite experience to mine, and that is why I emphasize ACE because I know that they really put their hearts and souls into their work and a more humane way and not only commercial.

11. How would you describe, in three words, your experience of arriving in Australia?




12. If a friend of yours asks you for some key advice for applying for the Student Visa, what would you advise?

Let the biometric data be done before they close again hahaha! joke joke It is good to get rid of all the doubts that cross your mind. as silly as they may sound, not feeling judged or ignorant for not knowing about the processesAsk for help from people who have already gone through the experience, even if they are different for each person, the testimony always gives you more options to consider. To get an agency that really cares about its work and not only sees eyelashes in a monetary way, that values its clients. At this point I obviously recommend ACE Australia, for their commitment, responsibility and honesty above all, and I do not work or receive any commission for naming them so much hahaha, I just think they do a good job and deserve to be valued, and they really commit to each situation.

The Prize: Living on the Gold Coast, Australia

13. Why did you choose the Gold Coast as a destination for your professional career?

I was on vacation in 2019 and it was incredible, I fell in love with everything beyond that I love the beach I also think that Gold Coast It is the perfect place at least for me, it has a lot of variety in whatever you are looking for, the weather is amazing and I have many friends who are living here and my girlfriend.

14. What do you like most about this city?

The beach, the weather, the atmosphere, people live at a different pace and it’s very easy to feel comfortable , you do have to like the heat to live here 😂, because it’s carnival all your life, as the song from ‘The Fabulous ‘ (Music band). The reality is that I like everything.

15. What goals do you have in mind for next year? Regarding your personal and professional goals in Gold Coast, what future vision do you want and project for your path?

The reality is that next year is an important part of my study plan, by that time I hope to have more experience in Childcare and to be able to complement my career with working with children, it really is something that I am passionate about. My professional and personal goal is to dedicate myself fully to the profession and eventually run my own Childcare Centre.I do not know yet where I am not closed to continue traveling around the world, learning and teaching, but I do know that wherever I go, I will be there. I want to be part of the initial education of human beings..

Gold Coast

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