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Hobart es diferente a cualquier otra ciudad capital australiana. Es la capital de la isla estado de Tasmania con 220.000 habitantes y tiene un paisaje diferente a cualquier otra ciudad de este país. Tal vez guarda más parecido con Nueva Zelanda.

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Lots of culture and things to do in Hobart.

Student accommodation is generally plentiful, which helps make up for the city’s lack of good public transportation. Buses can be hard to find away from main roads. Students often live in shared houses between the university and the city, doing “everything” within walking distance.

University of Tasmania students generally live near the main campus in Sandy Bay. It’s a prime part of Hobart and just a short drive from the city center. Hobart can be an inspiring place to live. Most of the houses are built into the hillsides, often offering spectacular views of the harbour. Often covered in snow in winter, Mount Wellington is a constant backdrop to city life.

There is a wide range of bars, clubs and restaurants stretching from Uni Bar and Sandy Bay to Elizabeth St Mall in the CBD. They cater to both students and many tourists from mainland Australia. North Hobart is another busy area for dining and going out.

Hobart really comes into its own during the summer months. It is the scene of the post-race celebrations for the Sydney to Harbor Yacht Race. It also hosts the Taste of Tasmania festival in the Salamanca markets near the docks.

It is essential to visit the open-air markets of Salamanca on a Saturday, with its artisan products and live music. It’s also interesting to explore the surrounding historic architecture at Battery Point.

The Museum of Art (MONA) is well known even on the mainland, as is the waterfront Hobart Museum and Art Gallery. You can enjoy a selection of cafes and restaurants in this area.

Hobart sits at the mouth of the River Derwent and has a beautiful mountainous backdrop. If you are a nature lover, you will have many options for weekend activities, such as water sports and hiking.

Tasmania is a beautiful state with a lot to explore. The natural resources and landscapes are impressive. It is full of parks and paths between winding mountains, lakes and virgin beaches. While it’s not hot year-round, Tasmania has plenty to offer if you’re into hiking, camping, or mountain activities.

Beneficios de esta ciudad
Una ciudad económica
Naturaleza y actividades al aire libre
Un lugar tranquilo de ambiente relajado

Places to visit in Tasmania


It is a special historical place declared a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Located on the Tasman Peninsula, it was a 19th-century prison and is now an open-air museum. The ruins include the massive penitentiary and the remaining shell of the Convict Church, which was built by prisoners. The isolation cells in the Separate Prison building were used to inflict mental punishment instead of flogging.

Cradle Mountain

It is one of Australia’s most famous national parks, home to incredible glacial scenery and wonderful flora and fauna. Cradle Mountain’s geography frames the frigid waters of Dove Lake, and together they form a spectacular sight that can be enjoyed as you explore the lake’s shores on foot. Dolerite Peak is one of the highlights of the park. The weather is variable, the Tasmanian highlands often shroud the mountain in clouds.


It is a seaside town in northern Tasmania with a European atmosphere. You must cross the entire island from Hobart and it is the point where you can take the ferry that will take you to Melbourne. It is famous for its scenic views, walking trails, sculpted gardens, and a chair lift. The Queen Victoria Museum, in a 19th-century railway workshop, has exhibits on Tasmanian history. Its sister art gallery is across the river, next to sprawling Royal Park. The Tamar Valley vineyards stretch to the northwest along the Tamar River.

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