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Byron Bay

Conocido por su estilo de vida relajado y bohemio, vivir en Byron Bay significa playa, música, deporte y arte. Este popular destino de vacaciones se encuentra en la costa este de Australia y es una de las ciudades más relajadas de este país.

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Study in a place made for rest

Byron Bay offers a perfect balance between beach and city life. Also, due to Australia’s educational quality and the economic activity that tourism generates, Byron Bay is a great place for international students looking for job opportunities.

Imagine living in a city surrounded by art, musical performances, and sparkling ocean views. That’s what it’s like to live in Byron Bay, a happy hippie town. Wherever you go, it’s just a few steps to the beach, where you can grab a surfboard and enjoy the waves in the sun.

Located in the state of New South Wales, Byron Bay is a small city, with an estimated 5,000 permanent inhabitants. As a great tourist attraction, the number of people triples during the holiday season due to tourists and backpackers.

The atmosphere of this city is ideal for connecting with nature and adopting a healthy lifestyle. In Byron Bay, you can find dozens of organic food markets and leisure activities such as yoga. While living in Byron Bay, you’ll discover hidden waterfalls through forest trails and some of the best snorkeling or whale watching.

Byron Bay is one of the most touristic Australian cities, so, although it has a population of 5,000 inhabitants, this number can multiply during the holidays. This means that you can easily find work during the peak tourist season.

Where to live in Byron Bay

City Center(CBD ). In the heart of Byron Bay there are dozens of cafes, restaurants and shops. The area can be expensive, but the advantage is that it is close to the business district.

Suffolk Park . This area is next to Tallow Beach, a quiet and secluded beach. Despite being a 40-minute walk or 20-minute bike ride to the south, it’s a popular area with students and long-term travelers. The costs here are much more affordable than in the city center.

Sunrise. Located just a 15-minute bike ride north of the central business district, Sunrise is one of the cheapest areas to live in Byron Bay. It is an ideal area for leisure, where you can find many shops, cafes and supermarkets near the beach.

Lilli Pilli. This residential area is away from all the hustle and bustle of downtown. Accommodations here are much closer to the rainforest and have lower rental costs. However, to get to a supermarket you will have to do it by bicycle or by car.

Beneficios de esta ciudad
Una ciudad pequeña y tranquila
Costo de vida accesible
Deportes acuáticos y al aire libre

Places to Visit in Byron Bay

Below are the main destinations to visit, while enjoying the experience of studying and living in Byron Bay:

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Built in 1901 on the easternmost point of the Australian continent, the Cape Byron Lighthouse is an active landmark that also serves as a museum. The lighthouse is also a popular spot for sunsets and whale watching. A fun way to travel to the lighthouse is via the Main Beach Coastal Trail, a trail that takes you through some stunning forest.

Cumbebin Wetland Sanctuary

Another essential point in Byron Bay is the Cumbebin Sanctuary, a perfect place to lose yourself in nature. Located just a 10-minute walk from the center of Byron Bay, the Sanctuary is a rainforest with wooden walkways, perfect for afternoon walks in nature and viewing Australia’s diverse wildlife. Cumbebin Sanctuary is also a popular spot where many locals have picnics.

Artisan Markets

Living in Byron Bay is equivalent to spending entire afternoons at the craft markets that take place every week. With organic food, crafts, books, jewelry, decorations, and paintings, you’ll find it all here! Listed below are some popular markets that you can’t miss.

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