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International Students - Full Time Jobs

Benefits for International Students: Unlimited Working Hours Allowed & Free Visa Application!

International Students will be able to work additional hours to help alleviate labor shortages as more people are forced to self-isolate due to the Omicron COVID-19 outbreak in Australia

The Australian Government has announced a series of Student Visa measures to provide an incentive for International Students to return to Australia as soon as possible and join the Australian community!

Discounted Student Visa Fee

If you are currently offshore and have a Student Visa, you will be able to apply for a refund of your visa application fees. This benefit applies to those International Students who arrive in Australia during the next 8 weeks. This great benefit will allow you to save a considerable amount of money , making your experience in Australia more accessible. The current visa application fee for an International Student is AUD$630 . These changes will also apply to new applications , which will be processed quickly so that more applicants like you can come to Australia during the refund period.

Unlimited Hours of Work

The Australian Government also announced that the limit of 40 hours per fortnight for workers with Student Visas will be removed to unlimited hours, even if the studies to be undertaken have not yet begun . This measure takes effect immediately for all current students , as well as for new students entering and starting a job before the start of their course, and will be reviewed in April 2022.

All Professional Sectors

The Australian Government had already sought to provide benefits for International Students by giving unlimited working hours for certain sectors of the economy. Now this extends to all sectors of employment! This measure will be in force immediately for all Students as well as those new to Australia, even without having started their studies. This measure will be in place until at least April 2022.

It is important to remember that the remaining conditions of your Student Visa will still apply . We can help you with every detail!

If you want to know all the opportunities that arise with this measure taken by the Australian government, contact us and we will be happy to advise you on this particular matter. Australia is waiting for you, get ready to #LiveTheExperience

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